Lot Pressure Washing

Parking Lot Pressure Washing Edmonton

  If you are going to need repairs or sealant applied to your parking lot, you may want to pressure wash it first.  It will help remove any dirt, grease, oil, etc. from the surface you will be working with. 
Sweep the area good first, just to remove most of the lose materials.  Then follow up with a quick pressure wash, focusing on any areas that need more attention.

Let the lot dry before continuing with any repair or maintenance.  Usually 4 hours is sufficient, depending on the weather and season.

Giving your parking lot a good rinse now and then isn't just for repairs and such.  It can be a good routine maintenance task.  It will really freshen up the lot at the seasonal changes and make your guests and visitors pleased to visit your business or location.

If you want to have your lot pressure washed for any reason, feel free to contact Edmonton Parking Lot Maintenance.  We are happy to schedule that for you.    Call us at 587.410.7122 and we can give you a quote.  

Edmonton Lot Pressure Washing

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