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Asphalt sealing is an application that can protect your parking lot from the elements that may cause damage to it.  Such as moisture, oil, and UV damage.  If you take into account the overall expense to have the parking lot laid out and paved, the cost of sealcoating is really an investment in protecting and prolonging the initial investment.  Anything that will slow the deterioration of the parking lot itself is well worth the small cost.  Plus, it will really improve the appearance of the lot.  
Asphalt sealing is one of the things that should be part of your routine parking lot maintenance.  It should be done every couple of years at least, depending on the wear and environmental effects on the lot itself.  
The most common sealers consist of refined coal tar.  Before attempting to apply a sealant on the lot, make sure that any cracks or pot holes have first been fixed.  Asphalt sealing is NOT a fix for either of these things.  The application of the sealant should be done when the weather is permitting - no rain in forecast and low humidity.  The parking lot must be cleaned thoroughly first.  Apply 2 coatings of the sealant and allow minimum 8 hours of sunshine to cure.  24 to 48 hours is best before allowing traffic on the parking lot.  
The easiest way to ensure this is done correctly is to hire a contractor experienced in this application.  Edmonton Parking Lot Maintenance can perform this for you.  Just give us a call at 587.410.7122 for a free quote.  We will schedule this for you so as to minimize any disruption to your clients or customers visiting your parking lot.  

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  Asphalt paved surfaces are composed of a mixture of different stone aggregates and mineral fillers.  They create asphalt cement when a binder component is added.  The surface of the pavement consists of layers of this mixture and the depth of these layers depends on the amount of traffic expected and the underlying ground conditions.  Water is stopped from being absorbed by the aggregates by this layering of the surface structure.  This makes the payment stronger and increases the load bearing abilities.

However, asphalt can become weaker and vulnerable over a period of time.  This is due to the environmental factors such as heavy rain and snow.  And the wear and tear of traffic also contributes to it’s decline of the chemical make-up.  This can cause the binding to be less effective and water seepage to the inner layers occurs.  Also, as asphalt is actually a by-product of petroleum distillation, it is vulnerable to petroleum products such as oil, gas, fats, and grease that can leak onto it and break down it’s composition and integrity.

Sealcoating Asphalt pavement is an option that will cut down on yearly maintenance costs and extend the live of your pavement up to 20 years longer than untreated surfaces.

Sealcoating is the application of an emulsion type product to the top layer of your existing pavement.  It seals and fills any cracks or voids.  And prevents further deterioration.  It improves the visual appearance of the pavement by creating a uniformed coating.  It protects the surface from damage from salts, chemicals and moisture.  And resists the oxidization that happens from exposure to the elements.  Sealcoating creates a smoothness to the pavement surface that makes sweeping, cleaning, and shoveling easier.  It also retains heat, which can help ice and snow melt faster.  It is a very cost-effective way to fix minor issues and protect the overall investment made into the asphalt paving.
It is recommended that the pavement first be sealed after a year of the initial paving.  And then repeated every two to three years.  This will depend on the volume of traffic and may need to be done more frequently than that.  It is important to routinely inspect your pavement to ensure it’s condition is not beginning to deteriorate and schedule your repairs and sealcoating to restore the pavement in a timely manner.
The ideal temperature to consider doing pavement sealcoating is around 4 to 7 degrees Celsius.  This will ensure that the product cures properly to the surface.  For larger areas, we will normally use a spray application for the sealcoating.  For smaller areas, we can quickly complete it with a squeegee.  The pavement first needs to be cleaned thoroughly.  We will clear away any stones, dirt and debris.  We then pressure wash the surface to clean the cracks.  And we will heat flash any oil or petroleum spots or spills.
We recommend that you close off the area to any foot or vehicles for at least 48 hours.  This will provide sufficient time for the emulsion coating to fully cure and set.  
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