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Edmonton Parking Lot Maintenance is a paving company that specializes in all types of services, for both residential and commercial clients. We are locally owned with over 40 years experience serving Edmonton and surrounding communities needs. Quality driven individuals ensure we deliver the very best service to customers by protecting their property from damage caused by inclement weather or vehicle traffic on your parking lot as well providing maintenance and repair work when needed! Our team works around your schedule at any time during the week too!

Edmonton Parking Lot Maintenance has been operating since 1977 due to our owner's focus on customer satisfaction, quality-driven employees who offer exceptional service standards every day, excellent products which protect properties against water damages or automotive issues (such as tire marks) ruining pavement surfaces--our team does it.

Edmonton Parking Lot Maintenance service is top notch.  We offer a range of asphalt services for your business and for all seasons.

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Parking Lot Sweeping

A quick sweep to remove debris and such will make your lot more appealing. Keep on top of the dirt, leaves, twigs and other bits that infiltrate any property in this season so as not to leave a mess for visitors who may come by looking at it from afar!

Parking Lot Snow Removal

After the snow falls, let us help you get your lot cleared and ready for visitors.  And living in Edmonton, we all know just how much snow we can get!  We have convenient monthly plans to keep your lot clear of the snow for the entire season.

Parking Lot Line Painting

Repainting your parking lot lines will increase safety and visibility for all of the visitors to come.
The next time you're thinking about painting, consider how it can improve customer experience in an otherwise mundane setting by improving markings that are faded or hard to see due to weather conditions such as snowfall or rain.

Asphalt Sealing

The importance of an asphalt sealant for your parking lot is vital. Not only will it protect the investment you have initially,, but also prevent costly repairs and maintenance to asphalt that would otherwise be necessary due to harsh elements such as sun damage or weather-related incidents.
Sealing up any cracks before they turn into potholes can save money on future expenses associated with paving materials - not just labor costs! The bottom line: A good sealant treatment today could mean less headaches later when something happens out there by providing protection against water infiltration and UV light degradation from excessive exposure to these conditions while protecting all those hardworking surfaces underneath.

Asphalt Crack Filling

Cracks are inevitable in the asphalt of a parking lot, but these pesky imperfections can also be costly down the line. If you want to save on major repairs and keep your visitors safe from tripping hazards, call today for an appointment!
Cracking might seem like just another part of life as a business owner with an asphalt-filled space - if this is how it feels then don't worry because we're here to help! Cracked surfaces may not look good or provide that desirable tactile feeling when walking across them; however they will undoubtedly lead your patrons into some serious accidents should their foot slip off one crack onto another below. Save yourself time and money by calling us now so that we can fix those cracks before someone trips over one

Asphalt Paving

We offer Asphalt Paving and Driveway Repairs. We can pave your driveway, fix those cracks in the asphalt or even clean up some of that mud from all over your property.  When you are looking for blacktop paving, we have you covered.

We have been providing paving services to many people for years now with our wide range of offerings; we also specialize in fixing driveways when they get damaged too! You don't need to be a home owner - if you're interested in any type of business-related work on private roads, pathways, acreages and more then give us a call today so we can start working together soon.​​

​Check out our Asphalt Blog for some great tips and interesting information!

Parkade Pressure Washing

It is recommended that you routinely pressure wash your parkade so it will increase in appeal to visitors.
​Your visitors will find themselves parking in a spotless lot that is both appealing and hygienic if you invest in pressure washing for your parkade.

Blocks and Speed Bumps

Repair and repaint your parking blocks to make them more visible for all of the guests that come by.  This is a safety issue as well.  You do not want anyone tripping over any parking blocks or crumbling speed bumps.

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Edmonton Lot Maintenance

Edmonton's Trusted Parking Lot Maintenance Company

Living and working in Edmonton makes you no stranger to the number of parking lots and park-aids in this city.  Let alone, the number of parking lots in the surrounding areas. Every business or service that offers customers or clients to visit their office will have parking in some way.  Maybe it’s a shared lot with other businesses. Maybe it's an independent lot for a stand-alone building. You will find them downtown and in each area of the city. You will find them in the outlying areas.  Not just businesses, but every place that has people coming to visit or arriving for services. Hospitals have parking for visitors and for emergency departments. Airports have parking lots for people leaving and arriving from flights.  There are also lots for Park and Fly lots nearby. Shopping malls need adequate lots to accommodate shoppers. Schools, Libraries, Police Stations, Court Houses, Movie Theatres...I could just keep going but I think you have got the point here.

First point of contact that customers or clients have is with your parking lot.  They always appreciate it when the lot is in good condition. Clean of debris and nicely maintained.  It is a reflection of what they will find inside. A well maintained building, with clean floors and public areas.

​If you are managing any property in Edmonton, whatever the type of property, you no doubt understand the importance of parking lot maintenance.  You need a company you can count on to get the job done. For parking lot maintenance in Edmonton and surrounding area, we are just the company you are looking for.  We are dependable, prompt, courteous, and take our job seriously.

​If you have lines for parking and they are fading, it’s time to get them painted again.  You want to make sure people know whether this is a parking spot or not. How often you need to do this depends entirely on your location and the environment.  But a good estimate is at least every 2 years. More often if the need arises. And make sure that not just the lines are re-painted but any handicap markings are clear.  People with disabilities rely on those spots for ease of access. So please ensure that they are clearly marked and visible to all using your lot. Our parking lot maintenance company in Edmonton can assist you with line painting and more.

You will save a lot of money by getting any cracks or damage looked after right away.  If you see something starting to develop, try to take a proactive approach to the situation as soon as possible.  It is really an inexpensive application to have the fix done before it becomes a real issue. The spraying of sealant is a routine process we do for lot maintenance in Edmonton.

Don’t forget that any proactive approach will save you money in the long run.  Performing routine inspections by walking the lot and observing any concerns will keep your lot looking pristine and impressive to your clients and customers. 

​Let’s not forget about the parking blocks and speed bumps.  Are they still in good condition or are some starting to deteriorate?  Vehicles will do some damage to the parking blocks over time. Not on purpose, but drivers have been known to hit these.  And speed bumps and the markings wear down. The environment and the seasonal weather can play a part in all of this as well.  So this should also be part of the inspection and parking lot maintenance. Let us know if we can be of any assistance in repairing or installing new ones.

Pay attention to drainage on your lot.  Make sure that the drains are not getting blocked with debris and such.  Standing water in the parking lot can cause damage. If the drainage is working correctly, this should not be a concern.  But if it is blocked, you will want to have that taken care of. Again, a preventative, proactive action will save you money in the long run.

Watch out for any spillage of oil or gasoline on your parking lot.  Leaks from vehicles can cause harm to your asphalt. The chemical in them affects the adhesive that binds asphalt to concrete.  As part of parking lot maintenance, these leakages should be cleaned up as soon as they are noticed.

Your current parking lot may be old and really showing it’s age. Before you contemplate tearing it up to lay a new one, research asphalt overlay.  You may not have to completely replace it. Sometimes a 2 inch overlay of fresh asphalt is all that is needed to bring it back to looking great.  Seasonal changes will leave your lot in need of maintenance.  Having it swept regularly during spring, summer, and fall will remove the leaves, dirt, and debris, keeping it clear for clients and customers.  And of course, in the winter season, you will need to be ready to have the snow removed so as to keep the capacity for parking up. Don’t forget the liability concern there is as well - with ice build up and such.

For those with parkades, remember to inspect for any lights that need to be replaced.  Dark parkades are a safety concern for patrons using them. Keep things well lit. This also includes any stairwells.
In the times that we live in, it is important to support our local business community.  We are sure that you agree.  Many local business are in need of our support.  And we want to make sure that they are an active and participating member of the community in which they serve.  Here are some of the local businesses that we support!
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