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  Every parking lot will need to get a freshening up periodically.  Here in Edmonton, the weather can really make a parking lot look dull and unattractive.  Lines will fade and eventually disappear.  Routine parking lot maintenance is required.  When the time has come to do the repainting, first make sure the weather is going to cooperate fully.  You will need at least 24 hours of no frost or rain for the paint to adhere correctly.  First, start by sweeping the lot thoroughly to remove any debris.  Then apply an asphalt paint to the entire lot.  Let that set for 1 hour and then you can go ahead and paint the lines in.  Leave the lot for a full 24 hours so that the paint will adhere to the asphalt.  
Always ensure you use asphalt paint for asphalt paved lots.  They come in a wide array of colours to choose from.  For the parking lot lines, you can use a water-based acrylic, which is actually environmentally friendly.  And they provide a bright finish.
There really isn't a specific life expectancy of your lot paint or striping.  The rule of thumb is repaint every 2 years.  But traffic and environmental conditions can mean repainting and lot maintenance is required more frequently than that.  
If you need your parking lot repainted , the best option is to contact a contractor or business to do this for you.  Experience in doing this kind of work will mean your lot will be opened sooner to the general public.  Plus we have all the equipment ready to go and get the job done.  Edmonton Parking Lot Maintenance has you covered and is ready to serve.  Just all us at 587.410.7122 and we can give you a quote and schedule the work for you!  

Parking Lot Line Painting

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  Parking lot line markings are necessary for guidance and positioning. They can be the difference between a customer being able to safely leave your store or not when they've had too much shopping stress on their hands! You'll need parking lines that make sense, so you should always keep an eye out for any discrepancies in them. If it's been awhile since the last time someone painted these things, go ahead and have somebody come back around to do some touch-ups before anyone else gets hurt by walking into something they shouldn't (or worse).

According to the experts, there are a number of benefits that come from updating your parking lot lines. Parked cars will be more visible and easier for drivers to navigate if they have cleanly painted curb markings or reflective poles on either side of them. In addition, with all traffic control devices in line you can easily determine who has priority at an intersection-which is especially important when trying not only to avoid accidents but also keeping pedestrians safe!

It's easy enough these days thanks largely due in part by improved quality paint technology as well as low cost construction materials making it affordable for small businesses owners like yourself make safety improvements without having too much trouble affording it.

Parking spaces are like shoes, what fits for them may not fit for you. You want to make sure that your parking lot is the perfect size and shape so all customer's needs can be met! Changing line markings on a space layout allows pedestrians or drivers ample time in determining which direction they should go next- this way no one will get lost looking around trying to find their car!

In order to maximize its available space while minimizing confusion among customers as well as pedestrians navigating through it, some people believe that redesigning a parking lot’s lines would help increase visibility of where vehicles belong when parked. The need arises from ensuring there are enough spots with an appropriate width/length ratio; too wide might turn away potential customers, at the same time being too narrow will crowd vehicles in the parking lot, resulting in damage to visitors’ vehicles from others parking and pulling out of stalls.

When it comes to keeping your customers safe, the most important thing is clear pavement markings. For instance, parking spots for disabled should always be clearly marked as well as loading docks and areas designated for emergency vehicles. In order to ensure these lines are up-to-date and visible at all times you need a reliable contractor like us! Faded or unclear pavement markers could lead not only pedestrians but also drivers into chaos - so don't risk it by neglecting this crucial part of any business enterprise!

​You can best impress your customers by presenting an image of success and safety. A well-maintained parking lot with clear lines will make them feel more confident about stepping into your establishment, knowing they'll be able to find a spot right away or without any confusion.  
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