Hiring an Asphalt Paving Company

Saturday, August 14, 2021

Looking for an asphalt company near me can be a tedious and exhausting experience. You'll find that with each site you look at, they're all trying to convince you of how great they are as the best in the business when it comes to asphalt repair contractors. So, what's your guide on separating good sales pitches from competent people?
Looking for an experienced local contractor is challenging but if we walk through these steps together, we’re confident this will help narrow down some options quickly:

Here are five points to ask local paving companies to assist you in your search.

How Much Experience Do They Have
​When looking for a reliable asphalt company that will do quality work, you’ll want to look for someone with experience. If they have been in business for at least 5-10 years or more and are still around today, then chances are their skillset is worth your consideration. You don't just want anyone who wants the job because it can be tempting to hire any old contractor but remember: when working on something as important as pavement maintenance make sure you get somebody qualified!
When searching through "asphalt companies near me" search results, keep an eye out of how long each company has been established; if there's history equating skill level this should show up by them having had some time under their belt. 

Have they experience in the project you need done.
Many asphalt maintenance projects require different tactics and approaches depending on the underlying issue. Once you’ve made your list of asphalt repair contractors with a bit of history to them, it is important that you ask more about what they bring to your needs. They may be specialized or unable to fix certain problems such as drainage issues whereas others are better at patching and repaving lots in need around town.

Be sure to match up their specific skillsets to the asphalt paving project you need done.

What is their Process and Product Quality
Different asphalt maintenance companies have different approaches to the job. Some use quality sealcoats instead of traditional topcoats, while others just put a band-aid on your potholes or cracks and call it good enough. This is counter-productive because you will need more repairs in the future. We believe that if we do not patch up these little problems now, they'll turn into big ones later and cost much more than what was originally planned for!

Compare what products each asphalt paving company uses and determine which one is of the most benefit to your project.  Quality workmanship is only as good as the quality products used.

Check for References
One of the most important things to ask an asphalt maintenance company is in regards to past work. It's essential you follow up on this information before making a decision! If they have no references, then it may be fishy - but if there are some, contact them for more details and see what their reviews say about how good or bad their services were.

All kinds of people leave reviews, so doing a quick search online for “asphalt repair Edmonton review” can help you out. You don't want to be afraid and stay in the dark; make sure that you're taking stock on both positives as well as negatives before signing any contract. A word about complaints: not all are relevant but it's always better if we know what they entail beforehand!

Confirm Their Service Area

This might seem like a silly question to ask an asphalt paving company.  But it really isn’t so silly. If you are in Edmonton, you’re looking for an Edmonton based service.  You may be getting results from your “asphalt maintenance near me” search that are out of your area. Just a simple question, at the beginning of your phone call, can let you know right away if you have the wrong business.  Don’t go through all the details of your project to find out that they actually don’t service your specific location.

Edmonton Lot Maintenance can tackle all of your asphalt needs.  We service all of Edmonton, Sherwood Park, St. Albert, Fort Saskatchewan, and smaller communities in between. Please reach out to us anytime to see if we service your specific location.